Using CMS Nest to nest a dropdown menu

I am trying to add tags to my site using CMS Nest. These tags are also meant to serve as a dropdown menu for other pages which are cross-referenced in the CMS collections to each other, which is also nested using CMS Nest. I am able to get the tags into their intended positions, but it seems to be losing its functionality in that location, as I can’t get the actual dropdown menu to open with that new list.
A couple of details are probably important: By inspecting, I know the menu items are populating correctly, so the only issue is actually getting the menu to open. I can also open it by manually changing the settings on the site, so there just seems to be something wrong with the interaction with the object itself. It also works as intended when I preview the page in the Editor.
Any help with this would be really appreciated.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Jake's Site
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