Using Babel and Postcss through embed code

Hello there, I’m pretty new in dev and would be more than happy to receive some help.

I’m creating my own website and would like to add a pencode script to webflow.
Here the pencode :

The thing is that I would like to change a bit the code in order to be interactive as it is on scroll on this website :
But still want it it to be interactive like it is on the pencode.

I tried to import this in an embed section but it’s not seems to working. Then I understand that I need to convert the babel script into a strict JS.
Done that as well through but still not working.

So I would be more than happy to get some help in order to understand what to do :))

Hope that this topic is not unnecessary and unwanted here.
Have a great day or night!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey @Kevin_Azoulay,

I think I can help you get this integrated into your site, but the scroll interactions are up to you. I’m going to play with the code in one of my own projects because it’s a trial and error process that I need to be able to publish the site to test. I’ll see what I can do.


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While playing with it, I found this instead:

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@Andrew_Coderre wow man, thanks a lot!
Hope I’ll succeed to clone it! And make it interact as well.
I also have a question. Do you think its possible to apply a colors changement in the animation while scrolling, to make the background white and the dots black?
Or this is something I ll have to do in the script directly?