Using API to put in address and get congressional member

Hi everyone

I’m building a site for a charity that wants to help users contact their local government representative.

Is it possible to use an API (like so I can have users type in their address, and the the respective members will appear.

To clarify, I already have the 400+ representatives in the CMS, each with their own styled divs that appear with all the required info. Currently I’m using to search for them by name, and this works fine.

But the client has requested users type their address in and then have the representative appear.

I haven’t dealt with APIs before, so I would most likely be hiring someone external for this part. But before I pursue this avenue, I just wanted to make sure it was possible.

Thanks so much!

Yes it is possible. Google has a client library for JavsScript which is what you would use to access and interact with the Civic Information API from a web page on WF.

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Thanks so much! Great to know that it’s possible. I’ll investigate that option and see how feasible it is on the client’s budget.

In the meantime (in case anyone else has the same problem) I did find an embed plugin that has most of the functionality I need. It’s called Countable. But if the client needs something different, it’s good to know I can use that API.

Thanks again!