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Using API to delete (or void) a Multi-Ref entry

Hey folks.

Does anyone know what the correct approach/syntax is to delete (or void) a Multi-Ref entry from a Collection Item using the API?

Some context: I’m building a platform site for a client, which has ‘users’ (made possible through MemberStack) and ‘talent’ which is a CMS list of ‘actors’. I have a Plain Text field in the schema for both ‘Users’ and ‘Actors’ that is their Webflow Item ID. Then, I made a ‘favourite’ button on the site that submits a form with the Item ID’s of both the ‘User’ and ‘Actor’, and creates a Multi-Ref entry in the ‘Actor’ Item with the ‘User’ Item ID. This is working great.

My challenge is figuring out how to remove that Multi-Ref entry when a ‘user’ wants to unfavourite an ‘actor’. This would mean deleting, or voiding, the Multi-Ref entry that links the two via API/Zapier.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this using the Webflow API, or better yet through Zapier?

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hey @HughLaverty,

Did you found a way to do this?