Using an icon font without any unicode values

Hi all! So I realize there’s a lot of posts out there about icon fonts, but all the ones I can find have unicode values. Well, there’s a font called RPG Awesome ( that doesn’t appear to have unicode values. Instead they advise using a format such as .

Does anyone have any advise on getting a font like this to work in webflow?

This is an interesting problem. The way I got around using it (just tried testing around a bit) is to add Embeds in Webflow in where you point to the Rpg-awesome’s websites own hosted css file;

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="">

and then add the short code for the icon right after in the same embed;

<i class="ra ra-sword"></i>

You can also add the css pointer code to the “Custom code” in your project, but then you won’t see the icons before publishing your website.


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Wow, that works! And it was so simple. For layout purposes, this will work great! Thanks a bunch!