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Hi All, I love Webflow as a design tool; however this month I have lost 2 existing clients and 3 potential due to the hosting costs. For this reason, I have decided that I need to offer what I am billing as a ‘Basic’ package. I’m looking for recommendations on a good third party host. Has anyone used Hostgator or Zen? I’m based in the UK if tat matters. Many thanks

Hostgator is hot garbage.

I use SiteGround.

Thanks @Cricitem they look really good. Anything you don’t like about them?

No problems with them at all. Their support is top-notch and the pricing is good for what you’re getting.

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Hi @Cricitem 1 quick question, sorry. It says 1 free website transfer in the blurb on their site, do I have to pay for every site I export to SiteGround from Webflow? Ideally I want to do the transfer myself.

That’s got to do with them automatically transporting stuff from a GoDaddy account or something like that. You’ll have cpanel access and the ability to FTP in and upload/admin everything yourself.

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SOLD! they owe you commission!

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Hey @Cricitem If I have CMS on my site, will it still work with SiteGround? It should right? All the code would be exported and I can upload each file to cPanel?

No sir. If you’re using the CMS then you will have to host with Webflow. You can export CMS data (as far as I am aware), but you would then need another CMS like WordPress or something setup to import it.

I would not suggest doing that. CMS sites are infinitely best served on Webflow.

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@Cricitem Thank you.

Thank you for all your help @Cricitem, out of interest which hosting option do you use?

I’m on GrowBig, which I mainly need because of the traffic.

One thing they don’t mention is that the different plans include different maximum mailbox sizes, which I think is a little weird. Max mailbox size on GrowBig is 4GB and I think it’s 10GB on GoGeek but I switched off of that because I didn’t need PCI compliance anymore about a year ago, so that could have changed. I believe the limit on StartUp is 2GB but don’t quote me on that.

Siteground is really great!

Just remember Forms don’t work on exported sites anymore due to GDPR compliance and Webflow’s new policies. You can find some PHP script for your forms or simply use a button using “mailto:”.

Thanks - yes forms is a pain, I’ve gone for Cognito Forms, not as good as Webflow.

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Too late now if you’ve made your decision, but I moved my 90 or so sites to 20i 18 months ago and highly recommend them. Very impressive company and excellent support.

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These guys look nice! If I can get one of them to show me how to transfer my code i’d be happy to give them a chance. Good shout Hywel!

They have a very good migration system, check out

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I would recommend a zapier integration! You can also look into that!

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