Using a interaction for different events?

I have an issue with Interactions on a site, I’m working on.


I have an overlay with a site Nav in it. When I click my hamburger icon, the Nav-overlay shows up, and when I click the close-button the Nav-overlay fades away. Ok great, that’s how it’s supposed to be …

But when I click one of the links in the Nav-overlay, I’d like to re-use my “Close-nav”-interaction, instead of doing the exact same interaction again (or duplicating the interaction). But if I assign my “Close-nav”-interaction to the mouse click on my link, nothing happens.

Isn’t it possible to re-use interactions for different events?

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Hi Lars,

Why don’t you use the native Webflow Navbar component?
it will save you lots of troubles (such as this one…)

I’ll try it out. Thanks.