Uses deprecated APIs - Google Lighthouse

Hey Community,

What is this deprecated APIs thing all about?

Just because I put overflow: hidden on an element?


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There are two links for you to learn more about that in your screenshot. Did you visit them and read the contents?

@webdev I did click through and read.

In all honesty, I’m not a developer, and that seemed like another language to me. While I’ve built 100 websites in my life, I have no formal knowledge.

Am I missing something here?

@Kevin_Mooney - Looks like that error is related to the Webflow badge images which have the overlow:visible set. So you can’t address it and the worst outcome is Webflow’s badge renders incorrectly. Maybe they will deal with it but I would not hold out hope.

You won’t pull any kind of penalty so not something to burn cycles on.

@webdev I see.

Okay, and since I’m going to have that badge removed upon launch, that error shouldn’t show up anyways.

Thank you for the clarification and time.