Users are getting to our advertising landing page somehow?

Hi there,

We have a homepage, and an advertising landing page (among other pages on our Webflow website).

On the landing page, we are attempting to use it to track “new leads” (versus, just existing users, who just click the homepage and log in to our saas platform)

We used the hyperlink from our landing page when creating Facebook and Google Ads, so that it should direct (new leads) to our landing page.

But for some unknown reason, when we track from DataDog, (current users) are getting to this landing page, and are just clicking to login. They should not be getting to this landing page at all…

It is making trying to track our advertising spend impossible :frowning:

Does anyone know why this might be?

Thank you in advance for any time/help/consideration here.


Hi Colin,

You have not shared anything to look at, so you’ll get only wild guesses.
Perhaps you did not exclude your landing page from robot indexing, and Google has indexed it, thus is sending users to it organically.

Alternatively, you might have an accidental link somewhere on your site / in your nav that’s directing visitors there.


  • Clone the page to a new path, so that there’s no chance of any internal or external links to it
  • Properly exclude it from the sitemap and search engine indexing
  • Republish
  • Update your ads
  • Mark the original LP as draft
  • Republish

You’ll then have a clean, trackable path that is not in the sitemap, any internal or external links, or SERPS.