Users access groups - Status update email notification

Hi I’m kindly asking you for help where on my web I’ve created a Users account with 2 access groups, one with access and one without.
Now, upon creating a new account the user is placed in the group without access. Then I manually give the access to the users I want to. My question is if there’s a way of notifying the users through an email message when access group status gets updated to the group with access, maybe using the flow component?

It’s more difficult than you’d think.

You would need to build your own automation for that, and Logic probably isn’t the right tool for this. I’d simplify this so that it’s “Your account has been updated” and not “Your access groups have changed” to save yourself a lot of work.

The basic shape of this is-

  • Build an automation ( Zapier,, etc. ) that triggers from the Webflow API’s user_updated webhook.
  • Generate a notification email using a mail provider- can be Mailjet, or something else, there are a lot of options.

The reason I’d make this a generic “Your account has been updated” notification is that if you only want the notifications to go out when access groups have changed, you’ll need a way to store what they were previously, and compare.

Lots of possible techniques there, but it adds complexity and the distinction probably isn’t worth the added work unless you’re needing to send out something like “Welcome to Gold membership, here’s your getting started video…”

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