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User system specs for website feedback/tech support form

Hey Guys, have any of you setup a form where it can gather the users specs like this
and include the info with the form when submitted?

We live stream video and it would be very helpful when people contact us about problems with the site.

I’m confused, how is what you’re describing different from the usual regular forms you create with webflow? Waht you describe seems to be exactly what webflow produces… drag a form, add a text field for comments, roll.

I know I can create the form but I also what it to automatically pull user specs of the OS, Browers and flash player version install and send it with the form when they submit it.

Hi @ryanmadhorse, I think this article may help

Basically, you could create some jQuery or javascript to get the system info, and then using the form field input .value() method, populate some hidden or visible elements using jQuery. You might check that direction.

I hope it helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to see if there are additional resources on the web that might look useful :smile:

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Thank you for the resource I’ll see if I can figure it out!