User Specific Membership Website Backend Development with Date Picker Feature

I’m working on a project and I’m in need of some advice on setting up a complex membership functionality using Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable, and possibly Zapier. Our project is a website for a business that delivers food to schools and kindergartens, featuring a multi-tier membership system.

Project Details:

Membership Tiers:

  1. Parents of school kids: Pays online and selects meal plans.
  2. Kindergartens: Manages groups of children, updates kid numbers and meal preferences, adjusts meal schedules, and uses a date picker for daily data changes.

Key Requirements:

  • Integration of Memberstack for membership management.
  • Use of Airtable for centralized data management, with updates triggering notifications to the business owner.
  • Implementation of a date picker feature for kindergartens to manage daily data changes.
  • Ensuring robust functionality for different user roles.

I’m particularly interested in insights on how to best integrate these systems within Webflow, especially the implementation of the date picker feature for kindergartens and syncing everything seamlessly with Airtable.

Hi Maja,

The UX you’re suggesting is relatively complex, so you basically have two options;

  1. Lots of javascript, and a middle tier to handle the Airtable integration ( serverless functions may work well here )
  2. Wized, which is designed to support Application style UX development, and external database integration for Webflow-hosted sites.

Wized will add to your monthly cost, but will likely give you a better UX faster, and one that’s easier to maintain and extend later.