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User recommendations based on values in CMS categories

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a prototype to see whether what I want is possible in Webflow:

I have the CMS filled with video links, which are tagged with categories. You can like/dislike an embedded video and based on the categories that it was tagged with, the site should show you more/less in the same categories.

To avoid using cookies for now, I’m working with localstorage, which I’ve got working fine: if you check out the site you can see that liking/disliking (buttons all the way on the bottom left) that it affects the values of the categories on the right. These are saved locally but even if you quit the site, they are stored.

My next step would be changing the video selection based on these values, which I’m stuck on and could use advice for. I’ve checked out the videos on filtering in collection lists, but those seem a little simple. Normally I’d tackle this with a PHP query, but since that’s out of the question: how would you guys/gals tackle this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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