User Name Creation Validation

Hello Awesome People, One of my client’s works required these features. User can create their own user links ( like linktree). How can I make this? When the user name is taken it will show the red messages and when the user name is available it shows green and it automatically creates a new user name for the new user. Thanks!

You can build a feature that would allow users to “claim” a unique name/url, using e.g. Make and a Google Sheet.

  • Webflow for accepts username, posts to Make webhook
  • Make checks that the name is valid and unique, by doing a lookup in a Google sheet
  • If successful, the name is added, and a SUCCESS result is returned
  • If unsuccessful, a FAIL result is returned.
  • Webflow UI changes accordingly ( you may need to redirect to success / fail pages )

However that feature doesn’t make any sense by itself. What is the username for? does it do anything? Is it something they are reserving for another system? How do you know who reserved it? How do you prove they reserved it? How do you know who they are and give them access to their newly reserved 'resource"?

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This website helps the user to create their own profile link. Like we use Znap, Linketree etc.
Once the user puts their desired user name in the claim section it checks the database if the user name is already taken on or, if its available then it will show the green sign and after clicking on CLAIM button it will take to Register Page. Once the register is done, the user gets a unique profile like this one Pillar

Assuming you already have your application e.g. “Pillar” built, complete with new user onboarding, logins, etc. then it’s relatively easy to build the “reserve your user link” feature in Webflow, and then forward that to your version of “Pillar” for onboarding.

But it’s not clear why you’d want to do that, rather than build it directly into your existing system- which would be easier to link in to your existing accounts and your new-member onboarding process.

If you’re trying to build this whole solution on Webflow, then you need to rethink things. The feature you’re asking for here is a tiny piece of a much bigger system. From an application design standpoint, you need those foundational pieces in order for your “user links” feature to work.

If that’s the case, and you’re exploring Webflow as the center of your solution, I’d approach it this way-

  1. Basic Webflow site design
  2. Membership system, either MemberStack or Webflow’s Membership System (BETA).
  3. Get all that integrated, specifically logins, new member onboarding, and secure member account configuration screens.
  4. Figure out your content storage solution, for whatever it is your members are going to create and store on their pages. That means your database solution, etc. In very simple situations, you may be able to accomplish this with the Webflow CMS, and some special work that pushes data into the CMS through automation services like Make / Zapier. But there are limits, and programming work.
  5. Now add your User Link feature. It will be part of onboarding, for new members, and also on the Config screen for your existing members. You’ll need to store each user’s link attached to their account somehow, depending on what your Membership solution allow.
  6. Now build the piece which handles those /user-link URL requests specially. That will be a bit tricky if you’re wanting to host your site on Webflow’s native environment, but it can be done with some creative 404 redirects. Alternatively if you’re ok with e.g. /user/user-link as your URL, that’s much easier to do using Webflow’s CMS.

The reason I’m asking all this is that your User Link feature requires some kind of back-end to store those user-link codes, and a way to attach them to some specific Member account, and Member data. Without that, you don’t actually have a system.

Very keen to see were you’re going with this, keep us posted.