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User Experience

Hey, guys!

Recently I was developing my Webflow page just with the beginners tools, so I do the basic. But now, I want to increase the user experience through your journey.

My idea is to show a Modal Pop Up only in the first visit to get the username, and show this username in my blog posts and push notifications for a customized experience to the user. So, how can I remember the username? How can I display on texts from my blog the username?

Thank You.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Fernando Luz

What you want to do is not possible with NOCODE. You could use a web api like to set and get values across pages from a user’s browser. See Window.localStorage - Web APIs | MDN

Of course, this means learning how to code or hiring someone. Wish you success with your project!

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So that’s why everybody needs a webdev friend. lol
Thank you my friend, success for you too!

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