User email required when purchasing membership product - even though user is logged in

I recently did a test purchase for a one-time membership product with my own account, after having to enter my email again (even though i was logged in) - all I received was an email with a ‘download files’ button, no mention or redirect to the gated content page. When I go to my account page, there is nothing to be seen under my subscriptions either (I can be sure I bought it as memberships can only be purchased once and it’s grayed out now).

Any help on this?

Surely after a user logs in (which is required to purchase a membership product) - you’d think they wouldn’t have to give in their email again at checkout, as well as be able to see one-time-payment subscriptions with a button to the gated content in their user account page.

Please let me know if i’m doing something very stupid or if webflow is simply missing the mark here…