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User Color Picker

Would it be possible to build a user color picker as an interactive interface element with interactions 2.0?
Or would be more sensible to embed a jquery plugin as this one here ?

Any thoughts and help will be much appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Makes more sense to embed with jquery. That would be fairly involved process. But it would be VERY cool if you did!! Please try to do it with interactions :slight_smile: You would freakin win interaction of the year for sure!

Ha! I’m motivated to do it in my very first spare time. And if I succeed, I will share, and ask for that award! :wink:

Girlfriend, your ambition is unrivaled… I’d be impressed. I hope you pull it off. Now… wait… my mind just started with the hypothetical process. I would try it with rows for sure! So each row would have 9 or 10 individual boxes… oh okay that’s is far as I could get… ha.

See ya!