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User can bypass entering email even if the form is required; Help rebuilding

Hello, I have a problem with a verification step I added to my deals site.

I want people to enter their email in order to receive the discount/deal they want.

Here’s the flow:

Click “get-deal-1” - Animation: reveals the email form.

enter email

submit button - Animation: hides and the form; reveals a second “get deal” button that redirects the user.

This is where the problem lies. How it’s currently built, a user can just press submit without entering an email and have the next button revealed to give them the deal despite the fact that the form is required.

click “get-deal-2” - CMS: Redirects


I’m open to other flows of verification or any other ideas.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link

Hey @emilioalopez1997 :wave:

When I click ‘get deal’ I can’t then click ‘submit’, as it asks for email address (this is what you wanted yes?).



Could it be a browser issue?