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User authentication integration for visitors of Webflow sites

I am new to web development so apologize if this is a stupid question.
Is it possible to set up some kind of login credentials for people visiting a site using Webflow, if so how do I go about doing this?
Thanks for any help.

Generally when you are looking to do authentication to a website a database would be involved to hold all the details of your users…

This is not something webflow can do at the moment. Would be great if it could though :wink:

thanks :smile:

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Ok thanks,

Is it possible to create a database and then import/embed that into webflow?

I managed to pull this off with an integration with by using Angular.js.
It needs some work, but it surely can be done.
The folder structure from WF makes it a lot easier.

Some process see here:

Did not know about this site! THANKS :smile:

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It’s a nice working system, particularly with the already set up integrations with other platforms. Minor detail: it’s a nearly dead community and I’m not sure if the platform is still in development although they are saying that they do.

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I tried to contact one of the developers with a question like 3 months ago and I never got a response. It might still be in development, but it doesn’t look like it.

Some alternatives are:

Stormpath - - No restriction on the number of users (only a restriction on API calls), has a free plan that works, and the next paid plan is for 49USD/month, no hard caps for paid plans

Auth0 - - Has a more professional and “finished” look to it. Has a rather limited free plan and a functional plan with 5000 users costs around 238USD/month.

Note: I’ve never actually tried integrating these two modules with webflow yet, and I don’t know if it’s possible to do so. I plan on trying it sometime and maybe make a tutorial.

Little follow-up on this year old topic. I recently contacted the guy from Userapp. They’ve been acquired by some other company and they stopped developing their service(s) from that moment on. Furthermore they’ll close it down (I believe by the end of March).

Robin (the founder) pointed me towards both Stormpath and Auth0 as alternatives, as mentioned by @collut. At this moment I’m investigating these, but if anyone has relevant experience with Auth0, please share it below. Thanks

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Thanks for the info @Diu
That’s what we suspected.

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I’m super interested in seeing if auth0 works with webflow, please share what you find :slight_smile:

Will do, post an update later today @daniel_cleayweb

Awesome your a legend, do you mind if I ask what route you are taking? Java? Also what this would mean for webflow? custom menus for logged in users? hidden content?

Sure, at the moment its just investigative. worked with Angular.js and plain Javascript. That’s the route I’ll take with Auth0.

For now I’ve got a list:

  1. User registration
  2. Profile (management)
  3. Yearly Payment (of a certain subscription)
    (4. Social Sign-in)

With Userapp I made hidden content and custom menu’s. But it was a pain.

Would it be easier just to do this in shopyfy or wordpress? maybe craft cms?

Did you have any luck? Can you tell im excited :slight_smile:

I’ve played around yesterday. It ended up not being the solution I wanted. So I killed it. Here’s why.

I need people to make a payment on my website;
Payment providers (such as stripe) need an SSL-server;
Setting SSL up with or without Webflow isn’t easily done;
I don’t need all the fancy dashboard stuff that comes with accounts (as with Auth0);

Userapp worked very nice, because payment was integrated already. So I’m now trying out different things. Snappycheckout and a provider called Mollie. Moonclerck is too pricy for me, as is Shopify, as I’m only selling one product. And I like to pay-for-use, not another monthly fee.

Does that make sense?

So is this possible to integrate a user login system through Webflow ?
I sadly need it for my first client project :frowning:
Or shall i use another tool to make my website ?

Thank you by advance,
I really need some help setting this user system for my next project.
If someone here can help me, it would be fantastic and I’ll be happy to tell him what I need to do in details.

Take care all <3

Thanks for your feedback man, this is very frustrating that we cannot get this working in webflow. have u checked out firebase?

I’ve seen it a while ago. What is it that you want to achieve? Maybe we can work something out.

I’m trying to get user logins, record user bookings and there address preferences, also would love the menu to change slightly for logged in users :slight_smile: Its for an on demand service. Am I dreaming?