User area with magic or stytch sign in?


I am having a bit of trouble working out whether I can use Webflow’s invite only user area with a passwordless login like magic instead of the webflow login and have all other webflow user area functions remain the same or whether we are limited to Webflow’s login set up at this stage?

I don’t have the capacity to have a membership plugin that allows for this (my business is too small financially), so just looking to find out if it is possible before I activate the user area, and if it is, is there a tutorial somewhere? I’ve been unable to find anything out there specific to this.

I also have very limited knowledge of webdesign/development.

Welcome @Jodie :wave:

You are indeed limited to this for now.

If that’s the case, I would recommend changing your needs to work with what they offer today. You can get the basics with Webflow Memberships and Logic (or use a free Make / Integromat account if your needs go beyond Logic) included with your Webflow subscription.

Thanks so much, that clears things up.