User accounts and authorising Xero

Hi I’m trying to build an site that does a couple really specific things:

  1. User visits site and signs up
  2. User grants access to their Xero account
    3a. User can log in to their account and see all invoices owed to them that are past due, who the client is, and how much they’re owed
    3b. Once per week / month / whatever, user gets an email with the relevant info

Where I’m stuck:

I can’t figure out how to let my users create accounts
I can’t figure out how to connect to xero

I’ll have more questions from there, but that’s a start.

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Why are you trying to do this? Just curious. I am importing xero invoices into webflow for one client so the customers’ can see what they owe the client. I am looking at using memberstack or similar to password protect the client pages. This is all done with integromat. However your need involves using the newish oauth2 multi tent api with refresh tokens an all that jazz. It could be handled by integromat, but would be heavy going. It’s all pushing the webflow use case.