User account access groups wiped completely, can't make changes. "There was an error saving the user details. Try again later."


Yesterday I rolled a backup back and forth on my user account site and today I noticed all access groups for users were wiped and I cannot add them again.

When trying to add users back to access groups, the error I receive is:
“There was an error saving the user details. Try again later.”

This issue seems to affect only old users, access groups of newly registered users I’m able to modify. The site has sensitive data so I’m hesitant to include a read-only link, not sure if that would provide help in this case anyway as it’s probably not site related. Any assist is appreciated.

Hey Quoonti,

This is the community forum, for anything internal systems related you’d need to contact support for help.

I’m having the same issue and just contacted support but curious if you ever were able to get this resolved. Did you ever get a resolution or response from support? Any updates would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Same issue. Has anyone found a solution?

We also lost all of our 301 redirects and Site Custom code a few weeks back

Not a solution exactly, but I had the same issue and found I can add the access group back only to users that have logged in recently.

hey everyone - any updates here? I’ve been having the same problem. Pretty crazy webflow hasnt solved this yet.

What’s the problem, exactly, are access groups not showing in the designer user panel for you users?

I’d generally assume when this happens it’s not a data loss but rather a service outage, just like when cms items don’t appear ( and webflow says there are none ) or site search returns zero results… just an upstream service failure that will be fixed.

That doesn’t make it ok, but at least it’s usually a short term disruption.

Access groups are removed for older users out of nowhere every few days… Then you go and try to manually add them again only to get an error. Once you assign an access group to a user, it should stay there permanently unless you decide to remove it…

If you can’t add it again that suggests it’s already there.
My guess is still as above, it’s more likely a stream or UX glitch than a data loss glitch.

Does the user’s login still apply said access groups?
If you query the user through the APi, do you see those access groups?

Either way, if you’ve found a bug of any kind, you’d need to contact support, the community can’t fix anything. But the first thing they’ll likely ask you to do is the standard self-help stuff… disable browser extensions, and clear your cache.