Used the backup feature but the styling has changed


I need help with Backups, I made a mistake with a menu change and needed to revert back.
When I reverted I picked a backup from 4 hours earlier but the styling is all off, especially the fonts which my employer paid to have installed correctly among other things.

What I don’t understand is when I attempt to preview the backup the styling is all in place but when I restored the backup it had all gone. I tried backing up earlier versions even thought it meant losing work but it was the same every time.

Can anyone help?

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I’ve just reinstalled a backup as well and have lost all font styling. Seems like a Webflow issue; I suggest you contact Webflow Support to let them know this has happened.

The same is happening to me. I restored a backupversion and all installed fonts are not working!

Thanks for replies, at least I now know it’s not something I did.