Use Webflow as prototype tool and get user journey through the app


I would like to test a new feature with a panel of user.
They will have to answer a series of questions and i would like to know when they get the right and wrong answers.
I tried to sync a form field to airtable, it is working with webhook but each individual page/form create a new line of data, while i would like to know for each user which path they took.
For example if they are right on the first question then the second etc independantly from each users.

Do you know how i could try to tackle this problem ?

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Ideally, you need a user management system.
Memberstack has the ability to get a unique UserID, so you can use that in your quiz data as a reference. Webflow Memberships BETA does not expose any UserID yet, but the team is aware that it’s a need.

Another approach is to use local storage and a UUID, however that isn’t secure, and would be tied to a specific machine. If your user goes to another computer, that past user data is unknown.

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