Use the Green Open Selector to style a child element

Hey I have a simple dropdown that contains a chevron. I would ultimately like the chevron to rotate up or down depending on the open state of the toggle. I haven’t found a way where I can control the chevron rotation and use the Open state as a trigger. Wondering if there are solutions that someone else found?

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You will use the click interaction which has a “fist click” and “second click”. First click will rotate the chevron 180º and the second click will rotate the chevron -180º.

Hey @Port_of_Folio thank you. You are correct. But let me retry my message. I tried this out and you have to pinpoint the chevron in order to fire the animation. I am hoping to use the entire toggle as my click target. Larger area = better for UX. And if the toggle is clicked the animation may not fire due to the chevron not being clicked. Any thoughts on making the toggle the trigger for chevron?

A click trigger can be any element, which can tell any other element to move. You can even tell 20 different elements to move if want to. The click element doesn’t need to be the one that moves/changes

I recently answered a similar inquiry here:

@Port_of_Folio Thank you this is a perfect explanation.