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Use original OG images

Hi all,

Have just launched a site many months in the making, and having an issue with OG images. I followed the nicely-detailed instructions on Webflow University to copy the link of my original OG images and put into the Open Graph settings for each page, and they preview in the page settings.

When I publish the site and run a test through the Facebook Debugger, it says:

Provided og:image, could not be downloaded. This can happen due to several different reasons such as your server using unsupported content-encoding.

Can anyone shed light on why this is so, and how I can urgently fix this so the OG images show up? The client wants to share their new site all over FB and given the hours it took preparing all the OG images for the pages, copying and pasting those links, it would be nice if the images showed up also :wink:

Thanks all!!

Did you scrape the link a few times with the Facebook debugger?

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Hi Mark,

I did this for every page in the site, and eventually the scrapes results started showing up. It seems there was a delay of sorts, but all is good now.

Thanks for the response,


Steve Holmes

Creative Director

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Hi guys,

Does anyone solved this issue?
I am facing the same issue, not only while an user share the website content, but also in my feed created to Facebook Catalog. We’re hosting the website in Azure, but I am not familiar with server configurations.