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Use Field Name as a Heading

Anyone know how to use a ‘field name’ (from a collection) as the text for a Heading? Thanks.

Like so:

  1. Drag a heading onto the canvas.
  2. In the heading settings in the purple dropdown choose the field.

Yes, Thanks! I understand this.
What I am needing to do however, is to make the H contain the fieldname of a Reference Field.

You can choose the reference field in that dropdown as well. Just scroll down in the dropdown.

I dont see it there, and so will assume that I am not stating the need correctly. Let me try again:

There are two collections. The collection “Projects” has a multi-reference field into another collection named “Project-Types.”

How can we pull the names(s) that have been selected for Project-Types and display them as text in the Project collection page? Thanks again!

Ahhhh! You’re talking about Multi-References!!! At the moment the way to do this is to add a dynamic list on your Project page and bind the list to the multi reference’d collection. Then add a heading and it will show a heading for each item you have in the multi reference field.

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This is still unclear for me. If I create a dynamic heading, it will want to display them all.

There’s no way to say “only use this single category heading.” I want the heading to be variable for each category page so putting a hard-coded string there in conditional visibility won’t work.

Is there a better way to do this?