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Use Ecommerce CMS to fill "Inner Text Settings" -- Additional Info Fields

So I am trying to pipe data from form fields on the checkout page to another text section on the checkout page. Here is the actual link:

I’ve sucessfully used the CMS to fill “inner text settings” for a textblock that’s getting its info from the customer email field. You can see on that live site that when a customer fills out their email, it dynamically populates in the section called “Order Summary” However, I believe I have setup the same thing for the “Subscription Length” field (it is the additional textinput field) however, that one does not dynamically update.

Is there anyway to get this to work??

Also, bonus question. Is there a way to then multiply this number by the order total? Not for anything other than informational purposes. Ecommerce would continue to function normally. Just want to show customers what their total would be over the course of that month subscription that they just chose.

Thank you!

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