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Use E-commerce to create Art Collection site

Hello, I’m starting a website for an extensive art collection (+3,000 pieces) where most pieces will be hidden from public access. Closest reference is this with faceted search:

I need to have a lightbox functionality for art curators to enter and search the full archive, apply faceted search filters and select images into a lightbox to then submit the selection for full resolution image retrieval.

This is very similiar of how an E-commerce site works but we would not charge money and the selection submissions can be rejected.

Is Webflow E-commerce ideal for this or should I limit to a CMS site with third party add ons?

@Hector_Munoz_Huerta ooh, that’s a lot. I don’t think webflow would be the best option at the moment. Although you could do lightboxes and the CMS would resolve most of the capability, I think you’d still get stuck.
Anyone else, feel free to weigh in, I might be missing a trick here :slight_smile:

There is no expectation for a lot of traffic on the site but faceted search, private access and lightobxes are a must. Are those functions really too much for Webflow?