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Use current state on anchor link as trigger?

Hello everyone!

I wonder if it is possible to use the current state/class of an anchor link to trigger an animation?

I am trying to recreate the sidebar in-page navigation you can find here:

A sticky sidebar navigation with links to anchors on the page. I would like to trigger an animation on the current link block when scrolling the anchor object into view.

Obviously, I can make a separate animation for each link block, triggered by the anchor scrolling into view, but it doesn’t seam like a good solution. It would require one unique animation for each link.


/ Niklas

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You can create one Page animation to trigger each line in the side nav to preform something when page is scrolled to a specific %.
I’ve done a similar side nav with one page animation, in my portfolio site:

@Eli11 wouldn’t that need different percentages for different viewports?