Use Collections to create a Book > Chapter > Page structure

Hi all,
I want to create a knowledge base system like BoockStack ( in Webflow. I have a collection with the books (like Saab93, Ford Mustang etc) and a collection with the chapter names (Airconditioning system, Radio, Oil pressure etc). And a main collection (tutorials) with the pages containg the actual content.
For every tutorial I have a reference field for both the books and the chapter. So an individual tutorial has a reference to Saab93 and Radio. The tutorial describes how to configure the various options for a Saab93 Radio.
Now I want a single page where you can filter or see a ( dropdown) menu on Books (Saab93 or Ford Mustang) and (!) Chapter (Radio etc. ) and then click through to the desired page(s).
Is this possible with default Webflow technology, or do I need to use something like Finsweet Attributes.
What I like the most on such a page is this:
A list of the car models (Saab93, Ford Mustang), and when I click on one of those a submenu (dropdown) appears with Radio, Airconditioning etc. and when I click on one of those items I go the desired tutorial page or a summary of different pages on this topic with a link to every individual tutorial.

Like to hear from the pro’s on Webflow how to accomplish this.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Ok, I’ve been playing around with collections to set up the basic structure.
There are three collections involved:

  • Books
  • Chapters
  • Pages

The Chapters collection has a reference field for Books to select in which book the newly created chapter will appear.
The Pages collection has a reference field for Chapters to select in which chapter the page will appear.
I have created a page to show the available Books, a page to show the available Chapters and a page showing the available Pages.

Now comes the tricky part:
On the Pages page I would like to have a link per page to what book this belongs to. I have a link to the appropriate chapter (because this is a reference field in the Pages collection) per page, but I cannot figure out how to link that Chapter to the corresponding book.
And ultimately I would like to have an overview page where I can show the name of a book, its chapters (if there are any) and the pages per chapter.

Or is this something that can only be done with one of Finsweet’s attribute solutions (Attributes by Finsweet)

This is the public link: