Use Collection Item Name as Page Title

On my Collection Page templates, I want to use the collection item name as the page title. For example, on my portfolio site, I’m allowing users to sort by service type or issue topic. On each of the service pages, I want to dynamically add the name of the service to the top of the page. Seems like this should be simple, but I’m not figuring it out.

Read only link:

On this page, ideally, the page title would be Branding and Identity instead of the full list of services.

Any help? Thank you!

Just drop any text anywhere you wish and connect it to the services name.

Thanks, @dram. I’m doing that, but the collection list is pulling the full list of services and I don’t see how to select just the single service for the relevant page.

Here is what I mean.

Super helpful, thanks, @dram. I see the issue is that I have the section set up as a symbol and I can only use a collection list there. The symbol isn’t necessary so I’m all set. Appreciate the help!

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