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Use Collection Fields Outside Embed / In Element Titles

Hi Guys

So if you add an HTML embed into a collection you call use Webflow to pull out collection fields like ‘Name’ ‘Link’ etc and that’s fine for creating specific markup. What I’m looking to achieve for improved SEO is to use the same tags within the collection, but outside of the HTML embed - in this case specifically as an element title. So what I want on a collection Text Link ‘Custom Attributes’ is:-

Name/data-custom - title
Value/Custom Value - collection value (i.e. ‘Name’)

So this would pull out

<a href="#link" **title="Collection Name Value"**>Link</a>


I was initially hoping that the Webflow variable would be something like %name% or [name] but no joy with that.

So can this be achieved and if not can Webflow please add it ASAP (perhaps ‘Get title from’ in collection variables settings) as we are losing important SEO values for links, images, div titles custom attributes read by Search Engines.



When you go to the SEO settings of your page you can call one of the CMS fields to name that page.

Sorry I meant element title - as in the HTML title element shown on hover / good for SEO

Any way to do this @webflow ??? Dynamic Content titles/alt on hover.