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Use a free e-commerce template ONLY with a CMS account (without activating the e-commerce features, such as the shopping-cart, etc.)

Hello everyone!

I have (I believe) a very simple question…

Could I select and use a free e-commerce template (such as CoffeeStyle, for example) but use it only with a CMS account (without activating, for the moment, some e-commerce features such as shopping-cart, etc.).

As a matter of fact, I’m launching a website that for the moment will not require any online shopping (just using forms for shopping/rental requests). Still, I was considering using an e-commerce template from the very beginning for essentially two reasons:

1 - Have the website ready to evolve into an e-commerce without having to rebuild the website from scratch.
2 - Eventually use the cart tool as a “form”, as to allow to gather various “products” selected by a user into one single form (for example, allowing a user to receive an invoice for renting a car + a GPS + a seat adapter + whatever on a specific date, using one single form).

Thank you in advance for your feedback!


Hi @rpc2000 - Welcome to the forums.

Quick answer to your question is no. If you select an e-commerce template, then the project will have e-commerce enabled. That is not something you can “turn off”.