URLs in textarea causing form to error

Hi Everyone,

I have a simple Webflow form on a CMS item page template that is working just fine, except for when a user includes a URLs in the “Content” textarea, which is causing the form to throw up an error.

Screenshot below:

I’ve had a browse on the forums and can’t seem to find anyone experiencing the same issue.

Would really appreciate your support finding and fixing the issue.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - NineThreeSeven

Here is the page in staging: The best nightstands and bedside tables

Yes others have mentioned this issue. Blocking submissions that contain URLs is most likely triggering Webflow’s spam detector.

Things you could try-

Have a separate field for URLs. Tell your users not to put URLs into the rich text area.

Use a separate forms handler like basin or formspark.

Thanks, Michael. Form submissions are likely to have multiple URLs so having lots of separate URL fields isn’t really an option. I was hoping to avoid using a form handler (although we do use Formkeep) as we have quite a lot of automation set up using Webflow, but if you’re right and it’s spam detection, we may have no choice.

I’ve reached out to Webflow support but nothing back yet. Will update the thread with their response for other people’s benefit.