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Hi Everyone,

I have difficulties to find out a solution for the following issue :

I have two CMS collections : Interventions and Acts.
An intervention is a parent of an act

Exemple :
Interventions_Cat1 = ActA, ActB, ActC
Interventions_Cat2= ActD, ActE, ActF

As url for each collection, I obtain :
sitewebflowio/Interventions/item-Slug (ex sitewebflowio/Interventions/Interventions_Cat1)
sitewebflowio/Acts/item-Slug (ex sitewebflowio/Acts/ActA)

I want to obtain the following URL :

Could you help me find a solution?

Thanks !

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Hi Jérémie,

Webflow does not support nested master-detail structures in the URL path.

When my clients need this for SEO purposes, I build it on top of their Webflow-hosted site using a reverse proxy that maps and rewrites those URLs, handles the canoicals, redirects, and sitemap. You can read about it here if your project needs this.

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