URL structure for collections / folders

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I’m looking to replicate this directory page in webflow: Job Descriptions - Templates To Get You Started | Market Recruitment

Can I replicate the URL structure?

/job-descriptions/ - this would host the collection
/job-descriptions/category/ - this would show a selection based on a filter

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Hi @CornishM :wave: Try read and try this:

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Hi Cornish, yes. the basic rule in Webflow is that you can have a static page and a collection page OR a folder at the same slug.

/job-descriptions is a static page
/job-descriptions is also a folder
/job-descriptions/category is a static page
/job-descriptions/category is also a collection page. Here you create the category collection, with the slug category, and then set the parent folder to /job-descriptions

It sometimes matters what order you create them in, so create all the pieces before you start building them out to make sure they’re in place first.

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Great, thank you I think I’ve got that sorted now

That makes a lot of sense Michael Wells thanks