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URL structure changes on export?

I seem to be having a similar problem with only some ‘choose a page’ links. After exporting the code and loading onto my server the link structure is wrong i.e. it should be but is erroneously appearing as

I have reselected my ‘choose a page’ links several times with no difference. The problem only effects some links and always the same ones.


ps. I should add the links are not changing back to ‘choose a page’ they are holding the chosen page.

Hi Cam, currently the way we structure our URLs is when you create a new page. We don’t yet have the ability to create a nested URL structure like the way you have it

Unless what you’re running into is a bug. To troubleshoot It would be helpful to see a live site and which links work the way you expect and which ones don’t work.

That seems strange as the nested structure works on most of the links, there are just a couple that are not and revert to ‘non nested’ I’m pretty non-tech so could be seeing things but most links appear to adopt the folder into which I load them on the server and link fine.

Oh okay so you created the nested structure by hand after you exported the site. It’s odd that some links aren’t adopting your structure because Webflow removes any dynamic linking on export.

If you don’t want to post any public links of your site you can email with your live site uRL and your webflow site URL and we will see what exactly is happening.

Hi Sergie

I really need help on this, when creating links to other pages within my site, some work and some don’t. Even when I copy a working link and redirect it to another page within the site. The code when working shows href=“sign-up.html” and then on the ones that don’t work is has href="/sign-up"

I have tried deleting the link and recreating it - doesn’t work. I have tried recreating the page the link is pointing to and the creating a new link to it - doesn’t work

This is seriously doing my head in. Unfortunately I am unable to share the project as I’m under an NDA.

Have you any ideas and is this a problem anybody else has identified?


@cam I haven’t run into this issue, but thought I’d suggest that since you’re covered via an NDA you might try recreating the issue via a quick dummy site & linking to it instead.