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URL of my old deleted project directs to gambling site

I was deleting an old browser bookmark for an old project that’s been long gone and…
When I clicked it I was taken to some weird Casino site! It says made in Webflow but that’s definitely not the site I had made and then deleted. (at your own risk)

Anybody know how to get rid of this connection?


I would make an assumption here that Webflow allow you to create a project if the URL is available, regardless of its past use.

My guess is somebody is rightly or wrongly the tenant of this project URL now.

Maybe one for the official support channel if you wanted to try and take any action on that to see if anything is possible.

Ok thank you.

Interesting choice of that new tenant to use the words Bali Bagus Helsinki!:joy:

Agreed… maybe it ranked for something and they took advantage?