URL linkning to cms items

i have a cms , which have card , i want to do that if i open a specific card , the url in browser changes and when i open that url again it opens the same card . can i do it ???

Hi Vishnu, your question is too vague- what do you mean by “open a card”?

In Webflow, every CMS item can have a cms page like /collection-slug/item-slug so if that page represents the card your opening, then yes, that URL will take you back to that specific item page.

hey, so opening a card my mean was that , like i have a image slider , on clicking the particular image with animation the image expanded to full size , now i want the link by open that particular image with full size without animation , (just like i search image on google and open a particular image so it create a link , using that link i can open that particular image).

It’s not a Webflow feature, however you can accomplish variations of this in a few ways.
If you really want no animation on the re-open, you can use this technique-

I build this cloneable for a specific use case but the basic approach can be varied quite a bit for different situations.