URL is Not exactly same. Migrating Website from Wordpress to webflow

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Hi ,

I am Creating My new website on Webflow and hosted on

My current Website is www.brandveda.in

So i will be migrating

https://www.googleadsbootcamp.com/ to my main domain which is www.brandveda.in

Now, As we are migrating website - URL structure is very imp and they are indexed in Search console and ranking for many keywords .

While Making sure , we must have exact URL before we start Migration I have observed link on my current website for example ( talking about SEO Course Page)

  1. SEO Course in Ahmedabad | Brandveda - Best SEO Institute

and the new website on webflow is this ( SEO COURSE Page)

  1. Best SEO course in Ahmedabad | Brandveda

Both URLs are Exact Same but there is a Difference between “/” . As you Can see 1st link is having “/” at the End but the 2nd link on webflow is not having “/” at the end .

I tired doing this on webflow using SLUG, bit its Not happening .

You can see the screenshot from my search console where all the Links are with “/” at the End.

Can you please let me know if this is ok?? or how to solve this . We are ready for the final Migration of the website

Thanks & Regards


Doesn’t matter to Google.
Plus, Webflow will redirect the slash URL appropriately.
https://www.sygnal.com/webflow and https://www.sygnal.com/webflow/ go to the same page, with the same canonical URL.

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