URL is being added to empty CMS fields

I have a cms collection with 2 URL fields that are used to link out to other live sites - basically samples of work completed.

These fields have a conditional visibility set so they are hidden if the URL fields are left empty in the CMS.

Strangely, if these fields are left empty an old contact page URL (that has a 301 redirect) is populating in these empty/hidden fields. While it doesn’t show up on the page it does show up in the code which is getting flagged in SEO audits (using Ahrefs). The ones that do have URLS added in the cms do show up correctly.

Unfortunately, I cannot share a read only link. Any ideas short of rebuilding the collection???

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Man, asking us to help blindfolded is hard…
Even a published-site link would help, and some info on what link is appearing.

I’ll try to yoda this up.
If what you’re describing is accurate I’d try this;

  • Unlink your link field from the CMS collection
  • Check to see your link’s unbound configuration is.
  • Make sure this is empty, e.g. set to external URL and # perhaps
  • Re-bind your link to the cms
  • Re-publish
  • Re-test

@memetican Thanks for the reply Michael. I just saw this now. And, sorry I couldn’t share more. It was for a company that I couldn’t disclose.

Long story short. I had to rebuild the component on the template page. No matter what I tried it just kept pulling in that old URL. Mind you the site has been redone several times over before me. I couldn’t find any code or script that might have been causing the issue. First time I ever came across that issue. Anyway, thanks again for your suggestions. Much appreciated.