"URI malformed" error message when trying to duplicate site

Hey everyone,

When I try to duplicate my project I get the error message “URI malformed”. Same thing happens when I try to revert to a backup. Can anyone help?


Hey @bennyhagen! We likely can’t assist with this issue on the forums because we have no way to duplicate your website, so this may be a better question to ask the Support team directly.

However, does the issue persist in Incognito? I assume it might, as I can’t imagine the issue you’re dealing with is caused by any sort of Chrome extension, but it’s worth a shot.

Yes, it perists unfortunately. :frowning:

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Sorry to hear! Yeah, then I think the best bet would be to hit up Support. They may be a little understaffed today due to the holiday, but I’ve no doubts they’ll get you squared away. Wish I could be of more assistance!

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