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URGENT: Webflow to Wordpress Api not removing Made in Webflow Badge

Following up on this Post -> Webflow Badge with Wordpress Plugin

  1. We have the CMS Site Hosting plan
  2. The “show badge” option has been turned off
  3. The cache has been cleared
  4. The site has been published recently

Any thoughts? The plugin page states that this can be removed:

I am having the same issues as one of the other community members who said:

“When I connect my webflow to a subdomain it breaks the API link to my WordPress site and I receive errors when I attempt to relink it. The error message suggests that I publish my site first, but it is already published. I have tried it with both the domains published (webflow and my custom domain) and also with each of them published on their own with the same result. The only way I can fix this is to remove the custom domain, which leaves me with the badge again.”

This is for a new startup and need this resolved in the next 24 hours URGENTLY… Please Help

You should contact Webflow with this if it’s urgent, not the forum.

Use custom css with an !important override to hide the badge.

Yeah… see that’s what I thought would work but doesn’t seem to… I’ve done it as an embed, and in the page custom code… but as I reply to this… I think I’m gonna try at the site wide level…

Any other thoughts?

Put this in the site wide head code:

.w-webflow-badge {
display: none !important;

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