*URGENT: Site will not publish, users are reaching a 404 currently.*

We were having publishing issues earlier today, so I unpublished the site with the intention to re-publish it right after.

The platform was eager to unpublish the site, but now the site will not re-publish, even though it says “Published Successfully!” after publishing.

Read-only link: Webflow - Nautical Multi-Vendor Platform

Try publishing from the designer, I find that the project settings sometimes are really buggy for publishing

Hey @Marko_Vukic thank you, I a publishing from the Designer. Not sure why it has “Editor” by the topic title.

I’ve also tried publishing from the Dashboard, nothing is working.

Any chance you can try a different device for publishing, that might help if it’s something local blocking the release

Sure, good suggestion. Let me give it a go.

@Marko_Vukic Nope, didn’t work.

Man, what a bummer.

First you’ll want to notify Webflow Support, they don’t monitor the community forum for support issues.

But second, the only situation I’ve seen recently that “breaks” publishing is certain uses of the new Memberships conditional visibility feature. If you’re using that, you might want to turn that off temporarily.