URGENT: Site Plan Issue

I’m trying to add the CMS Site Plan to my site but the upgrade button is greyed-out and reads ‘Over CMS Limit’.

The CMS limit on the CMS Site Plan is 2000 items and my site is well (well) short of this number, so I don’t know what limit I’m coming up against?

I need to make my site live urgently and any assistance as such would be very much appreciated.


It looks like you have Ecommerce enabled for this project. You’ll need to choose an Ecommerce site plan for this instead.

Hope this helps

Ryan Byrne


Thanks for the quick response Nelson.

This site won’t be an Ecommerce site, however.

When I try to delete my ‘Consultation Package’ ecomms collection, I get an error which reads ‘Conflict with server data: Cannot delete this collection as “SKUs” references it. (Product)’.

Assuming I can resolve this issue and delete all traces of ecommerce items, will I be able to add the CMS plan? Any assistance you can provide on this issue would be much appreciated.

Nelson, I have zero ability to contact Webflow support directly - particularly now I can’t even email the Support inbox.

You’re my only hope with this, can you investigate my error message and the reason why I can’t delete the Ecommerce collection please?

I’ll take any help from anyone at this point, can’t believe there isn’t a customer facing support function of any variety.

In addition to the error I’m receiving when I attempt to delete my ecommerce collection, it still appears as though I’m hitting some kind of CMS limit as the base Ecommerce plan can’t be selected.

Resolved by Webflow Support

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