URGENT - One of my sites is down and I can't work out why?


I changed this site to the new SSL, but it went down? I have changed it back to standard but it still wont connect. Can any one help please?

The host is Fasthost. TIA

did you republish it?

Sure did - twice to make sure!

Did you unpublish it as well?

No - just re-published. It has worked with all my other sites.

My main concern is that my hosting page is now showing the original (Non SSL) setting (which I reset a few hours ago) as not connected?

It could be that the client connection is failing to locate the protected resource from the server. Maybe unpublish and then republish works similarly to clearing the servers cache. I’m not sure what webflow is doing behind the scenes but it looks like you’re failing at step 1 in this chart.


Thank you @NewInBoston

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hey @Roxzfr - what was the issue?

I simply unpublished and then published - step 1 on the chart seemed to be the problem :slight_smile:

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