URGENT NEED *Solved - Connecting a custom domain


I am creating a website and it is almost finished. The client already had a domain and hosting. I could not connect my Webflow site to their domain address. I tried all the things online and followed all the tutorials. And I could not find a solution. The name of their domain and hosting service is DirectAdmin. If someone has an idea please let me know.

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Did you try changing the default domain to the domain without “www”?
I had a similar problem and back then, this fixed it for me.

Also I see your TTL is set to 3600, so it could take an hour until the changes take place… so maybe waiting for some time could also fix the problem.

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Hi, thank you for your message. Yes, I tried it before but I am not sure I have waited for that option. Changed the default domain again and going to wait. *I have waited for 4 days with www. as a default domain.

I also tried Cloudflare, but there was an error.

Okay… if it doesn’t work, maybe the support team of Webflow can help you… I don’t have any other ideas at the moment.

You can contact them here:

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Thank you again. It is solved! I also figured out that there was a . (dot) missing at the end of the cname part, it should be like this: www cname proxy-ssl.webflow.com.