URGENT: Missing Access Groups

All of a sudden none of our client’s user accounts have free access groups assigned to them anymore! This is causing a lot of issues for our client. Please help!

Hi Karim, this is the community forum.
You’d want to contact support, click the button at the top-right.

I’d recommend you determine what the cause is ( did someone delete the access group, and re add it? ) before taking action. If Webflow support can’t help, you could re-add those manually in the Designer, or use the API.

Thank you Michael. I know. I was just trying to reach someone anyway I could as it was an emergency. I had also contacted support and it turns out if you restore your site from backup all access groups are removed and have to be added back in. However, you can’t add them via the Designer as there is a bug so I had to use the Webflow API to add the access groups back in. It was a major headache and I hope Webflow fixes the bug so no one else has to go through what I did!

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