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URGENT! Issue with grid when published! Any help would be amazing!

Hi guys

So under normal circumstance i would not post here and attempt to work a issue out myself, but this issue has had me stumped for five days. My life has been waking up attempting to sort this and going to sleep. So i am hopping i can receive some help.

The two photos below are published and non published versions of my site. I have tried everything, and i mean everything and i can not get this to work.

The code i am using for this is below. But when i insert this, everything i have set in webflow doesn’t implement and i am left with uncentered boxes, aiming slightly to the left.

Hey @Grant1 can you elaborate a bit on what you are trying to do? I’m not quite understanding the concern.

The second picture looks like a printer view of the site and not the actual published site, in that case the slight lean to the left would be of printer/browser margin adjustment which you can adjust in the @page and @media print properties in either your page or site code.

Hi Randy

Thanks for the quick reply.

Haha so i sorted that issue, now i have sorted it i can only get my search bar or buttons to work when filtering. Not sure why.